The Keiser University Tallahassee Campus’ Teaching and Learning Club will celebrate the 4th Annual Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Celebration on Thursday 5/25/2023 from 12:30PM to 2PM on campus. All are welcome!

Cuisine from China, India, and the Philippines will be served, and we will explore Asian American and Pacific Islander cultures.

A special Chinese dance ensemble will be performed by Sarah Peng of the Asian Coalition of Tallahassee along with an intense display of Kali (Filipino Martial Arts) by our very own Dr. Sonny Abad and his son Alton.

Students, staff, and faculty, and community members at Keiser University will have the opportunity to sample specialty teas from Asia, create Origami art, and learn about some of the most ancient texts in Asian culture.

Special thanks to Aurora Hansen and Angelina Wai of the Asian Coalition of Tallahassee for their sponsorship of the event!!!

The Asian Coalition of Tallahassee is a charitable organization that takes great pride in uniting the Asian communities in the Big Bend Area and continuously promotes Asian culture.

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